Meet Your Host

Hello and welcome!

You may be asking yourself, “Who is this woman?” and “What is this project?” Let me fill you in. I am an artist and maker based in Toronto, with a BFA in Photography and Textiles, an MA in Fashion, and an avid listener of podcasts. This combination of skills and interests has led me to make my own podcast, with a twist. Each week I will sit down with my guests to talk about their relationship with clothing.

As we all know clothing is a visual medium. You know what’s not a visual medium? Podcasts. Because of this not only will I be talking to my guess about their relationships with clothing, I will also be photographing each guest and their wardrobe. These photographs will be posted each week, here on the blog, along with their accompanying episode, as well as on Instagram. This way you, the lovely listener, can see how each guest expresses themselves through their clothing and appearance.

I hope that you enjoy this project as is grows and develops.



Published by

Gabrielle Trach Designs

Gabrielle Trach Designs is a female-owned and operated business whose mission is to bring beauty to everyday life through decorative textile wares. All pieces are designed handmade by Gabrielle herself -- that's me! Coming from a long line of makers and crafters, I feel pre-destined to this need to make. Over the years my love of the handmade and textiles has grown stronger. Through this store I want to share my passion for handmade textile home decor, and hope to bring beauty to the lives of those around me. My mission is to reduce textile and garment waste by turning them into soft furnishings, such as rugs, wall hangings, and much more. Each piece is made from upcycled fibre or fabric, making each piece beautiful, unique, and eco-friendly!

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