Week Seven? Who knows …

This was a tough week for me. This isolation continues, work tasks drag on, my mental health is a roller coaster. It’s a lot. The seasons also refuse to either be warm or cold, so my dressing habits have been equally indecisive in nature. With that, let’s check out how I adorned my skin sack this past week …

Observations of my dress habits this week:

  • As mentioned in the intro, this was a tough week for me, so dressing each morning took some extra mental energy. I also find myself turning to favoured garment combinations when I’m really indecisive, hence all the pullovers and jeans.
  • I figured out how to style 2 of my all-time favourite garments (grey sweater and blue dress) differently/together.
  • I am beyond ready for the weather to stay warm. Breaking out my striped linen pants felt heavenly.
  • Contrarily, I think I reached a new level of cozy/cottage core this week.
  • What do you do with long hair? Seriously. This is the longest my hair has ever been, and aside from just being there, what do I do with it?
  • On that note, going strong with only washing my hair twice a week, and loving it. (Don’t worry, I still bathe regularly).

Wherever you are, I hope the weather’s nicer than it currently is in Southern Ontario (snow in May? No thanks). I also want to send love to everyone who is having strong feelings about tomorrow being Mother’s Day. Whether those feelings are happy, sad, confused, angry, or a complex mixture, you are seen, and you’re not alone.

— Gabby

Published by

Gabrielle Trach Designs

Gabrielle Trach Designs is a female-owned and operated business whose mission is to bring beauty to everyday life through decorative textile wares. All pieces are designed handmade by Gabrielle herself -- that's me! Coming from a long line of makers and crafters, I feel pre-destined to this need to make. Over the years my love of the handmade and textiles has grown stronger. Through this store I want to share my passion for handmade textile home decor, and hope to bring beauty to the lives of those around me. My mission is to reduce textile and garment waste by turning them into soft furnishings, such as rugs, wall hangings, and much more. Each piece is made from upcycled fibre or fabric, making each piece beautiful, unique, and eco-friendly!

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