Week eight. I think.

Well, fuck. This was a gut-punch of a week that resulted in my breaking point. I’m sure others have been where I am in terms of isolation/shelter in place getting to them, but woof, this was a week. With that said, shall we see how that affected my dressing — and documentation — habits? I think we shall.

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Week … Six?

Anyone else losing all sense and meaning of time? ‘Cause I sure am! That being said, my wardrobe and how I dress/adorn myself is bringing a lot of joy to my life these days, so I’m thankful for that. On that note, let’s get to some lewks.

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Week Three

I hope y’all are staying safe and healthy as this pandemic trudges on. It’s a holiday Friday in Canada, so you’re getting your weekly dose of judging my dressing habits a day early. Let’s not delay this any longer. Here we go!

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Ep 11 “Pride’s All Year In My Closet” with Johnny Cann

After a months-long hiatus, we’re back with another episode of Let’s Talk Clothes! This episode I sit down with Johnny Cann to discuss clothing and self-expression, personal fashion influences and inspirations, and fashion reality TV. Originally hailing from Nova Scotia, is one half of the That’s Spooky podcast (which he co-hosts with his partner, and former Let’s Talk Clothes guest Tyler Hyde), and says that if he were a drag queen his drag name would be either Leslie Fist or Cake Bush.

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