Ep. 9 – “Tough and Tender” with Johanna Thompson

This week on Let’s Talk Clothes I sit down with artist, dog enthusiast, and concert goer Johanna Thompson. In this episode Johanna and I discuss changing your clothing consumption habits, small town upbringings, and clothing as armour.

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Ep. 8 – “Rugged Plaid” with Blair Bourskill

This week on Let’s Talk Clothes I sit down with photographer, concert-goer, and merchandise enthusiast Blair Bouskill. In this episode Blair and I discuss making an outfit your own, the in’s and out’s of wearing your fandom on your sleeve — literally.

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Ep. 7 – “Not Quite What I Wanted” with Madison Weir

This week on Let’s Talk Clothes I sit down with former art student, current beekeeper, and wine enthusiast Madison Weir. In this episode Madison and I discuss early life fashion choices and influences, the utility of clothing, and brand loyalty.

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Ep 6 – “Thrifting”

This week it’s just me in the “studio” talking about second hand shopping — specifically thrift shopping.
What is it?
Why shop this way?
What are the pros and cons?
You get a front-row seat to my thoughts on the matter, along with some walks down memory lane.

I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on second hand clothes? Love it? Leave it? Let me me know either by DMing me on Instagram at @talkclothespodcast or by emailing me at talkclothes@gmail.com and let me know if you’d like more solo, single-topic episodes like this.

Thanks for listening, and I’ll talk to you next week.

*art by Sarah Lazarovic

Ep. 5 – “Crisp Denim” with Jess Lawther

This week on Let’s Talk Clothes I sit down with lover of coffee and floral prints, Jess Lawther. In this episode Jess and I discuss the transition from student life to the “real world”, breaking the rules of fashion and style, and using clothing as a way of expressing yourself.

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Episode 4 – “Casj Canadian Tuxedo” with Tyler Hyde

This week on Let’s Talk Clothes I sit down with artist, lover of plaid, and owner of an adorable cat/dog duo, Tyler Hyde. In this episode we talk about clothing as a necessity, sharing a wardrobe with your partner, and how constantly moving can inform your wardrobe. Originally from Sydney Mines, NS, Tyler recently moved to Toronto with his partner, Johnny, and seems to have found a good rhythm between his day hustle, and keeping up with his own art practice.

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Episode 3 – “What Would People Think?” with Veronica Horsman

For the third episode of Let’s Talk Clothes I took some time out of my trip to Halifax, NS to visit with fellow fashion enthusiast, photographer and maker, and dear friend, Veronica Horsman. In this episode we discuss personal fashion influences and inspiration, vintage clothing, and how moving to the country can inform how you dress — or does it?

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